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A Few of our frequently asked questions:


 My gearbox doesn’t work properly, what’s wrong with it?

We are sorry but that’s impossible to answer. Go to our on-line diagnostic page and fill in the form. In 95%+ of cases we can let you know the next day what your problem is, by email or phone.


 My car is stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear, what the problem?

This is called “limp mode” or ‘get you home mode” and is a default setting when a problem is detected in the transmission. There is always a reason for this to happen. Bring you car in for a diagnostic check as soon as possible. Driving in this mode will eventually damage your gearbox. This default may reset itself by turning the ignition off and then on again, but remember there was a reason for the limp mode in the first place. Call us for free advice.


 My vehicle will not move or jerks and slip when in gear.

First step is to have the fluid level checked. If it’s OK then go to our online diagnostics form and fill in the symptoms. We will get back to you with an answer.


 How do I check the transmission oil level?

If the vehicle has a dip stick for the gearbox you can read the level by pulling it out of the tube and looking at the marks on the end of the dip stick. This should be done with the engine running and in Park. When warm the level should be on the top mark. Do not over fill the box and do not fill to the top mark when the gearbox is cold.


 What if the vehicle does not have a dip stick?

The car needs to be on a ramp to access the level check situated under the gearbox. Best thing to do is bring it to us, so the correct checking and filling procedure is carried out.


 What kind of oil/fluid should I use?

There is no easy answer as many different oils are used by different manufacturers. You can call us for advice or even better have the gearbox service by us to ensure the correct fluid is used.


 My car ‘BANGS’ in to gear. What’s the problem?

This is normally due to a ‘high pressure’ scenario… it could be mechanical or electronic. The best thing to do is go to the online diagnostic page and describe the details. We will then call you back with an answer.


 How long will it take to fix?

Normally we aim to turn around a full rebuild in 3-4 days working days.

There are transmission warning lights flashing on my dash.

This means there is a problem with the transmission, which has been detected by the computer. We need to plug your vehicle in to a diagnostic machine and read the DTC’s (Detected Trouble Codes) to find out what the fault is.


 Should I fit a secondhand gearbox?

Yes you could… but in our experience this is not a good idea. Modern vehicles have many variations of transmission and gear ratios, even within the same model. Unless you can get the exact match there will almost certainly be inconsistencies between the transmission and the electronics.

This is why we rebuild the transmission from your vehicle, eliminating all the possible mismatches that a second hand or exchange one can cause.

It’s also worth considering that if your second hand transmission does not work you will end up paying for a second time to remove and refit another one.


 I tow a caravan/trailer, does this put extra strain on the gearbox?

We always advise fitting an extra oil cooler. The gearbox will handle the extra load under normal driving conditions, but will produce more heat. If the gearbox fluid gets too hot it can form a ‘froth’ which may allow the clutches to slip. Fitting an additional cooler offers greater protection and reduces the working temperature. It’s a very good preventative measure. Call us for advice.



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